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I began painting with acrylic on canvas on August 2018 as a form of art therapy. In 2019, completed my first collection,  "Conexiónes | Connections", which is composed of 7 paintings. I am currently work on two collections, "Recordando | Remembering" which is expected to be completed October 2021 and "Co-Creaciones | Co-Creations"which will be an on-going exploration.

For more information about the collections see below.

Prints for all pieces are avaialble.




“Conexiones | Connections”, is a collection using images of hands and flora to highlight different types of intimate connections. Connection to self and others, power and hope, love and grief.




“Recordando | Remembering”, is a collection portraits to honor 

the lives of  Indigenous and Afro- Mexicans, who's life stories have been erased in our colonized history. I am seeking to honor their lives and ways of being.

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"Co-Creaciones | Co-Creations", is a collection of paintings and photographs. The pieces are inspired by nurturing plantitas, admiring the changing of seasons, and reflecting on Octavia E. Butler's Earthseed. 


Painting a mural has always been a dream of mine. On August 2019 , I began chasing that dream and had the opportunity to apprentice incredible muralists and artists. Grateful for my teachers MissChelove, Adrienne Gaither, Maspaz for sharing their knowledge, passion, and craft with me. In 2020, I was blessed with the opportunity to create 2 murals--one with my ama and the other with my partner. Excited to continue this cultural practice and create art in the community. 


Celebrating QTBIPOC

in collaboration with Namita Money

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